Funding is one of the most critical aspects of production for every filmmaker and we are thankful for any level of support we can get. The following individuals have generously contributed to “The Park” and we are truly grateful for their support:

Andrew & Jennifer Thiermann

Kate Hinkle

Esther E Randall

Oliver M Keels

William Roberts

Kathryn Akural

Lillian Belanger

Keara M. Piekanski

Maxin Films

Mallory Corlew

Carlo Lorenzo Garcia

Kimberly Proehl

Michael Hernandez

Rebecca Verner

Joerg Rings

Rachel Silvert

Maggie Brennolt

Marty Chanes

It is important to the creators that this series be accessible to anybody with an internet connection. "The Park" has been developed over several years and we recently completed our first season. With your help, we can bring even more stories to life.

Contact for more information about how you can contribute.